It feels a bit overwhelming to see hundreds of Black Friday deals online these days! I can’t believe how many bloggers and brands are promoting this to make money. Bloggers will post with affiliated links everywhere to get something out of every click and brands will offer special deals and discounts only for 1 or 2 days, so that you don’t have too much time to think about your purchase.

Don’t get me wrong, to each one their own business. There is nothing wrong on trying to make money. But on this season where Christmas is also right around the corner, I feel like we can easily get anxious thinking we are missing out. FOMO at its best!

Of course it is amazing to get advantage of discounts to make a purchase. What concerns me is that we can easily get dragged into buying without giving the slightest thought about it. All those marketing claims are powerful, they are everywhere. Most brands are using them, and we get carried away.  They can push us to buy things we never intended to buy.

Been there done that.

Now that I’m in this journey changing my purchasing habits and thinking about everything I buy, I thought I would share with you 3 tips for conscious shopping to get you through the holiday season with all the joy and zero anxiety:

1. Think before you buy

We know that discounts are coming.  There is still gonna be stuff there after Black Friday. You don’t have to buy everything now. More discounts will come.  Make a list, think about the gifts you want to buy and who they are for.

Research the gifts on your list. Who are the best brands that make them? How are they made? Will they last? Ask those questions to yourself and if you like the answers, you have a successful purchase.

2. Set a budget

Don’t buy just because it is cheaper. Setting yourself a budget  will save you more money than buying a bunch of stuff you are not sure of just because they have a discount. A budget will force you to think your purchases through and therefore make better choices.

How much can you spend in the holiday season without going broke? Do the numbers, come up with a certain quantity and stick to it!

3. Think quality vs. quantity

Your gift is going to be much more appreciated if it is of good quality. It is better to buy 1 item of nice quality than 3 items of poor quality. The gift recipient will be very thankful!

Happy holidays!


  • Totally agree about all – especially quality over quantity! We did end up buying a few things to take advantage of the Black Friday sale but they were things we’d been needing to get for months and putting them off rather than quick purchases. But I think it was the first time I’d bought something on Black Friday and it felt weird to be part of the consumerism nevertheless.

    • I understand the way you felt. I also felt totally overwhelmed with so much pressure to buy from all these brands. But the way you approached it is great. What you did is not the norm and is something more people should do. Of course we all want to take advantage of discounts, I’m just not sure that people buy what the planned on buying or what they were needing. They make it so easy for us to over-consume! xx

  • One three points yet so powerful. I really hope people be more intentional with purchases. Many people will go in depth just in pursuit of sales and it’s so sad to even imagine.

    • Yes I agree, I think its gotten totally out of hand!

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