This post is looong overdue, as I tried these products a while ago. I always want to take my time to try products before writing a review, as I want my posts to be 100% honest. And I really took my time with these! I came across ANIA Skincare almost a year ago via ZERRIN, my favourite sustainable online shop. ANIA is a Singapore-based brand that uses safe, non-toxic ingredients sourced in Africa, where they also empower local communities.

ANIA Skincare: A brief background story

One of the co-founders, Mehdi Elaichouni, grew up in different parts of Africa and the Middle East and learnt about natural skincare remedies that he took with him to Singapore when he moved here in 2012. The brand’s philosophy is that less is more when it comes to skincare, and they stay away from all the excess in the beauty industry, which is something that really resonates with me.

Hard to believe if you look at my bathroom shelves and drawer, but I just love trying new brands a products because the experience is always so different. It’s like when someone tells me that a movie is really good or not so good, I want to watch it myself and get my own opinion about it. The same with skincare and makeup!

The truth is, who doesn’t get confused with all the essences, toners, serums, oils etc? Well, if you go to their website you’ll see that they have only the basics plus a few treats. But the best part is that they explain how to use each product guiding you through the steps with beautiful illustrations.ANIA Skincare

Their Argan Oil is a best seller and the Prickly Pear Oil an amazing treat for locking in the hydration and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. And they are coming out soon with a cleanser, which I’m excited to try!

In the past year I have tried different products of the brand and I was pleasantly surprised with their blend of ingredients and how effective they are, especially for sensitive and combination skin like mine.

Since I got my products the brand has gone through a rebranding stage and some of the products I’ve used are discontinued, so the pictures here look different than the products on their website, but I have to say their brand looks even more gorgeous now! The marketer inside me is a sucker for good branding and design.

The first thing I noticed from ANIA was the glass packaging, and these days that is a big bonus for a small clean beauty brand. All of ANIA’s products come in dark glass jars or bottles that protect the ingredients from sun light.ANIA Skincare

ANIA SKincare: The Organic Orange Blossom Water

But let’s go straight to the point and start this review with my favourite of them all: the Orange Blossom face mist…

Which is unfortunately discontinued!

Why, ANIA, why? If you are reading this please bring it back, it was oh so good!

This mist is made of 100% Orange Blossom water, which is obtained from the distillation of of the orange flower. The water has a very sutil orange smell, not strong at all and the mist is fine and hydrating. I used to take it with me on planes, until I ran out. To me it was so refreshing (get it?) to spray on a mist that didn’t smell like [insert flower name] or coconut and I absolutely love citrus scents on everything.

Not that I don’t like flower scents, but just wanted to point this one out because it was different. It comes in a 100 ml glass bottle and it lasts a long time. You can use it as a mist to refresh your skin whenever needed, as a toner, or to set your makeup. I love multitasking products!

Orange blossom is such a common scent in Mediterranean countries and since oranges are grown in the region where I’m from, it’s been quite present during my childhood, which is probably the reason why I like it so much.

Also, Orange Blossom has so many benefits for your skin including soothing irritations, hydrating properties and great to balance oily skin. And you are probably thinking why am I going on and on about Orange Blossom Water if they don’t make it anymore. Well, I thought it was so good and tried to find another brand that makes it and the truth is that there aren’t many. But I found this other natural brand online that makes one and it has amazing reviews. One to add to my shopping list for sure. Let me know if you give this one a try!

ANIA Skincare: The Argan Moisturizing Cream

The next in line is the Argan Moisturizing Cream which is only available at ZERRIN. This one is really good for those days when skin is very dry or feels sensitive. It has a very pleasant clean smell to it. It is the one thick cream that you would always want to have in your bathroom shelf when your skin is in S.O.S mode. Argan oil is widely known for it’s hydrating properties and antioxidants, so it feels like the right ingredient to put on any skincare product.

I put this cream on at night as the last step on the days when I feel my skin needs extra care. And I love that it has a matt finish. Never wake up with oily skin when I use it!

ANIA Skincare: The Prickly Pear Seed Oil

And finally, the precious Prickly Pear Seed Oil. This type of oil was new for me, as I had never heard of it before ZERRIN added it to their Beauty section. I did some research online before investing on this rare oil, and was amazed with all the reviews talking about how great this particular plant oil is for diminishing fine lines. It’s very rich in vitamins, it has 150% more vitamin E than Argan oil, vitamin K, which is great to calm redness and it’s packed with antioxidants. If you think about it, the Prickly Pear is from the cactus family, known for their ability to retain water like no other plant and survive in desert climates. So yeah, after my research I thought there was no reason not to try!

The first thing I noticed was the smell, which is very earthy and natural. It smells literally like plants. I have never put my nose close to a cactus for obvious reasons but I imagine this is what cacti smell like! I used to put this oil all over my face, but I found that it works best for me to massage a few drops directly onto fine lines on my face to bring that extra plumping and hydration and under my eyes, as vitamin K is also known for improving dark circles.I’m not a fan of the edible prickly pear fruit (which my dad loves btw) but I’m sold on the oil!

The ultimate treat: the Rose Quartz Mushrooms

Once I put on the last product on my skin at night,  I like to take my time and massage my face  with these rose quartz mushrooms that feel so good on the skin! Can’t really tell if they have any properties but they feel so cooling and relaxing and help the skin absorb the oils. They feel like a real treat. Rose quartz is a stone associated with love and healing and I just love the idea of bringing that to my skincare rituals. These stones from Mmerci Encore are sustainably sourced and handmade and come in a pack of 2. They are also available at Frankskincare, but they sell them individually. The good thing is that they do have international shipping.  

Apart from being pretty, these stones really do feel amazing on the skin. I keep them in a little cotton bag in my bathroom and they are always naturally cold. 

Have you tried ANIA Skincare products? Let me know which are your favorites. There are a few others I have my eye on, like the purifying mask and that new cleanser that’s coming out.

How about Prickly Pear seed oil? Had you ever heard of it or tried it? Let me know how you use it!

Love and kisses,



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