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During my holidays in Spain  there was an important task on my to do list during the stopover in Madrid. Paying a visit to the Bakari shop and checking out their unique handmade bags and clutches. I can assure you that in this shop you will find the bag you are looking for. Plus the versatile designs make them perfect for every occasion -insert flying money emoji-Inside Bakari shop Madrid

Spain is known as a hub for leather artisans. International luxury brands like Louis Vuitton or Louboutin (to name a couple) have workshops in Spain, where their bags and shoes are made. Being also my home country, you can’t blame me if I tell you that I’am sold on anything pretty and of good quality with the label “Made in Spain”.

Bakari Made in Spain

Bakari bags are beautifully hand crafted, with the attention to detail that any luxury brand would have. But with a much better price range. I was really surprised with the variety of designs. Wooden clutches with leather details or leather bags with marble or wood embellishment. Perfect for the wedding season, a night out with friends or a lunch date. The Cayetana shoulder bag fits a lot inside, even a laptop. I could see myself wearing it to go to office everyday. And the Iroko Weekend backpack is the perfect accessory for a weekend getaway or for those who don’t want to have all the weight on one shoulder.  Iroko Clutch in black

Like any high quality product, Bakari bags and clutches are not cheap, however they are not out of reach. But to me what is really outstanding about this brand and what justifies the price and quality is the eco-friendly philosophy behind their bags. Not only do they have unique designs made by hand, but the materials they choose are sourced sustainably and are made from recyclable or easily recyclable materials. They also destine a percentage of every sale to collaborate with the Coni Association, dedicated to Sustainable Development in Guatemala.

What’s not to love?!

The girl in the store was really nice. She took me to the back of the store to show me their workshop and explained how to take care of the leather on their beautiful wooden clutches. Golden one added to my wish list!

For the soft leather ones they apply a treatment cream that hydrates it, and for the furry ones they have a special brush to keep the leather looking its best.

The high quality materials, the amazing color range and variety of shapes and sizes makes it really easy Bakari to find any kind of bag for any occasion. Oh, and they have the prettiest jewelry too!

I was literally unable to choose just one favorite, they are all too pretty and I could justify getting every single one of them. Unfortunately I don’t have enough storage room in my tiny Singaporean apartment, so here is my curated selection:

Bakari Leather Backpack
Iroko Weekend
Bakari Cayetana's Bag
Cayetana Bag

Aren’t they all beautiful? I wish there were more brands with sustainable practices that made such unique and beautiful pieces. Check out their website to see all the pretty stuff they have: bags, wallets, jewelry, hats… They ship worldwide and sales last until end of August.

I can’t choose just one! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive any remuneration from this brand to write this article. All pictures are owned by me and the opinions are genuine and true to what I think.

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