In Singapore we have a permanent summer weather that is just lovely. I’m not gonna lie, it gets too hot an humid sometimes, but still, I prefer it to cold and snow! If you have traveled to South East Asia, you will know that warm weather is the norm around the Region.

Wardrobe wise, it tends to get a bit boring, since you are dressed with the same type of clothes for the whole year. No cashmere sweaters, no coats, no scarfs, no gloves… sigh!

“Better to avoid layers if you wanna stay fresh” they say…  But then go inside a movie theater, a shopping mall, or even my office and prepare to freeze your butt off.

Which is why I love wearing linen. It’s a natural and breathable fabric that keeps you cool in the heat and protects the skin in colder temperatures. They are obviously not winter pants, but they definitely are air-con proof!

Although linen can get very wrinkly (not something that bothers me I reckon), I found that in these black linen trousers  wrinkles are not that noticeable. They are there, but they are not as obvious as with other color linen pieces.Black linen trousers

I got these pants in Vietnam, along with some other hand made souvenirs that you can check here.  What I love about these black linen trousers is that first, they are black. My favorite color to wear. Second, they are kind of culotte style, and that makes them very versatile. You can wear them with sneakers like I do here or add a pair of high hills if you are going to a meeting or anything that requires to be a bit more dressed up.

I took these pics in Sri Lanka during a trip I did for work. My pair of Converse were in my bag, and as soon as I was done with work for the day I swap heels for sneakers and went for a city tour! Turns out that these pants were perfect for that too.

Bonus: they have an elasticated waist band, which makes them extra comfy!

What do you think of the outfit? What outfits do you like to wear when there is work + tourism in the agenda?

black linen trousers for work

Outfit details:

Black linen trousers 100% linen made in Hanoi and bought in a small shop in Nha Tho street. I found very similar ones here. Other styles that I like here and here 

Beige shirt from Massimo Dutti from last season. Any simple white shirt in your wardrobe works just as well!


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