Favorite Ethical Brands


There is an increasing number of brands that make an effort to deliver a good quality product that is also made in a way that is kind to our planet.

I believe that the perfect clothing brand that is 100% sustainable does not exist yet.

There is a lot to take into account to reach that goal and it involves investing large amounts of money that the majority of small brands cannot afford.

For this reason in my selection of favorite ethical brands I list brands that have a style I love and that at least take 1 or 2 (or more) sustainable practices on their production process.

Check regularly for updates as I will be listing as I discover them!

  • Matter prints: versatile clothes with unique prints. They use natural fabrics and non-toxic dyes. They are based in Singapore but ship worldwide.
  • The Hip Tee: a Spanish brand that makes the cutest T-shirts with message. They manufacture in Spain using quality fabrics and responsible production.
  • Reformation: the brand that is transforming fast fashion. Their concept stores are out of the ordinary and their designs simply beautiful at an affordable price.
  • Veja: beautiful vintage-looking sneakers for every occasion. They have a vegan range, produce sustainably and also follow a zero-waste philosophy. I just love every model, I want them all!