I’m really getting into the organic and clean skin care products and makeup. There is something awesome about knowing that my skin is not absorbing toxic stuff and instead is getting nourished by essential oils and natural ingredients. And the same applies to makeup!

I came across this Singapore based brand, FRANKSKINCARE, some time ago and the fact that they their products are made by hand in small badges and use natural and organic ingredients really got my attention.

Browsing through their website I saw this Clean, Rejuvenate and Nourish set that includes 3 products, 2 of them being their top sellers, the “Magic Wipe” cleanser and the “Juicer” hydrating oil. The set also includes a toner and two (!) organic bamboo clothes, which is an awesome addition. The third one is the toner that completes the set!

The good thing about the set is that you can choose the type of oil and toner you want. They have different ones for each skin need. It sells for 118 SGD, whereas buying the 3 products separately would cost 148 SGD. I thought it would be nice to save me some bucks while getting the full experience!

The Magic Wipe


This cleansing oil is said to remove all makeup and remove impurities from clogging pores. It comes in a luxurious glass bottle and is enriched with 4 amazing ingredients: apricot oil (rich in vitamin E, A and C, which means amazing for anti aging, hydration and anti oxidant), castor oil (reduces inflammation and hydrates), tamanu oil (healing and regenerating) and kiwi extract (another anti oxidant that helps clear skin impurities too).

This oil has a very natural, earthy,  woody scent that is a bit shocking at first but quite easy to get used to, specially considering all the goodness that’s inside!

While I didn’t find it removes waterproof mascara easily, it does take care of regular makeup really well. I use 2-3 pumps and massage it all over my face, including eyes, and then I run the organic bamboo cloth under warm water and use it to remove all the oil from my face. It takes out all the dirt and leaves the skin really clean, hydrated and not greasy.

But I am obsessed with deep cleansing my face before bed, and I always “double cleanse”. Because I don’t want to waste the product what I do now is do a first quick cleanse with micellar water and a cotton pad and then use this oil as last step, so that all those good ingredients stay in my skin.


This a hydrating mist that comes in the same type of luxurious packaging. It has a heavy rose scent, so if roses are not your thing, you might consider trying a different one, like the Calming or the Lifted mist.

It contains wonderful ingredients like rosehip oil and frankincense oil, known for their rejuvenating and hydrating properties. I personally find this more like a spraying toner than a mist, as it comes out a bit thicker than what I understand for a mist. It leaves the skin quite hydrated and ready for the last and my favorite step – the Juicer oil.


To me this one is the winner of the 3 products I have tested. I could smother my face day and night in this stuff. The smell is amazing, fruity and energizing. And it leaves your skin radiant and moisturized.

It is packed with 11 natural ingredients that improve moisture balance, protect against free radicals and have anti-inflammatory properties.

It also comes in the same glass container but this one is delivered inside a pretty carton package that protects the small bottle from getting damaged. I’m not sure why the oil is the only product that comes inside the carton tube. The rest come loose.

I love using this at night when I feel like my skin needs a little extra pampering. I would take 4-5 drops and massage all over my face while it is still damp from the toner. But I do use 2 drops every single morning that I mix with my moisturizer and apply all over my face. I love it and my skin seems to love it too!


I was pleasently surprised with the recyclable glass packaging of all the products. They came inside a reusable Ode to Organics bag, so there is no extra packaging and therefore less waste.

The ingredients are amazing. I have researched all of them and they couldn’t be cleaner. The only controversy I find is that FRANKSKINCARE claims all of their ingredients are organic, but I don’t see any organic certification stamp anywhere. Not on the packaging and not on their website. Just wanted to point that out in case you are fuzzy about that. To me what’s more important is that there are no toxic ingredients.

Edit: after publishing this post, the brand sent me a message clarifying the certifications point: although all their ingredients are ACO and some also USDA certified, they are not allowed to put it on the packaging unless they certify the final product as well. However, this process is way too expensive for small companies and this is the reason they don’t do it. They also mentioned that even when a product is organic certified it does not mean every single ingredient is organic certified. So they rather be genuinely certain about the ingredients that contain the product than getting the final stamp. They are able to show all the individual certifications on request too!

The 3 bottles are 100 ml or less, which makes them perfect for travelling. I´m planning on carrying them in my handbag in my next trip to Spain and cover my face with the stuff during the long flight hours!Frankskincare


There are currently 2 places where you can shop FRANKSKINCARE products. One is their website, which is great to get sets like the one I got, and the other one is Zerrin. They don’t sell the sets, but you can get products separately (along with other amazing stuff) and a 10% discount on your first order if you subscribe to their Newsletter.

I’m also dying to try their masks, they look amazing! But I will leave that for the next pay-day 🙂

Have you tried their products? Let me know which are you favorites!




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