I have to confess that the weather in Singapore is making me talk about my hair way more than I would like, and not in a good way! The humidity here is a serious “problem” for Caucasian curly hair and I really didn’t know how to handle my hair until I discovered this natural hair mask that you can make at home and that it’s also very affordable.

If “Caucasian curly hair” is still resonating in your head, yes, it is a thing here. Singapore is full of people from different nationalities and race distinction is common when talking about hair.

Asian hair, in general, is thick and straight. Have you ever seen a Chinese with frizzy hair? Me neither. Chinese women here are hair goals, literally. I don’t know how it is possible with all this humidity. I would think they all secretly do keratin treatments everyday, but they really don’t. It’s just how their hair is naturally!

natural hair mask for curly hairHumidity was my friend

Until it wasn’t…

I used to LOVE the way my hair looked like in humid weather (aka. the beach) because it made my locks more bouncy, hydrated and they would just curl up beautifully. Maybe the sea breeze had something to do with that too. Who knows.

Well, I learnt that there are different types of humidity and unfortunately for my hair (but fortunately for everything else in my life) I live in Singapore, where the combination of 30º Celsius plus an average of 85% humidity has been a curly nightmare.

Under Singapore’s humidity my curls separate, frizz and I really don’t know what to do about it cause I just never had this problem before. I have been lucky to have very low maintenance hair until I moved here. I used to just wash and condition my hair, and apply the Moroccan Oil Curl Cream which I still swear by. And that’s it.

Since I live in Singapore, my hair routine now includes the following:

  1. Two different shampoos that I alternate, the IGK hair coconut hydrating shampoo and the Biconi clarifying shampoo
  2. Two natural conditioners, the Biconi conditioner which I love and a leave-in conditioner I’ve been using since I can remember. 
  3. A microfibre hair towel which I’m not proud of purchasing (desperate situations require desperate solutions). Apparently something called “The Curly Girl Method” says that I need it in my life and so I have it in my life. 
  4. Different style products that I’m embarrassed to mention because there are not enough fingers in my hands to count them all 
  5. The natural hair mask I make at home

From all of the above, the only product that has really made a difference on the way my curls form its shape is the natural hair mask. And let me tell you, although you might need to buy a few oils to make it, it is by far the most affordable product of this list because the oils last for so long and you can use them for so many different things.

This mask hydrates my hair so much, makes curls keep their shape and tames freeze. It’s so good.

So I will stop rambling and get on to the recipe to make this gorgeous concoction for your hair.

Natural hair mask recipe for curly hair

I use this mask at least once a week and I leave it overnight. You don’t need to do that, but I highly recommend it. If you are worried about the oil getting transferred to your bed sheets, don’t. Just put it on 1 hour before going to bed and pull your hair up in a bun to go to bed. It’s all good.

The reason I sleep with it is because you want the oils to absorb and hydrate your hair for as Long as possible and then wash all the oil away. Having said that, you can also use it 1 or 2 hours before washing your hair if that works better for you.

In any case, try it overnight at least once and let me know if you see any difference. I can honestly say that I always have a great hair day whenever I’ve used this mask.

natural hair mask for curly hairYou will need:

  1. Coconut oil – universal super moisturizer with vitamins and enzymes that nourish hair and scalp.
  2. Jojoba Oil – very hydrating, seals hair moisture and promotes hair thickness
  3. Argan Oil – hydrates, helps tame frizz and increases hair elasticity. Lovely
  4. Rosemary essential Oil – has anti-inflammatory properties and nourishes hair follicles. Also gives a great scent.
  5. Vitamin E capsules – improves scalp circulation, tames frizz, promotes shine and hair loves it!

I make mine in a small glass jar where a mini Tata Harper skin serum used to live. (Hack: keep your cosmetics containers if they are made out of glass, they are great for decanting products, specially when travelling).

I recommend a glass jar for this mask because oil in plastic is just messy and the container will get gross over time.


I fill half of the container with coconut oil, because it is the oil that works better for my hair (avocado oil also works well) and then I fill up the rest with equal parts of Jojoba and Argan oil. I leave a bit of space to add 5 drops of rosemary essential oil and 2 capsules of Vitamin E if you are using a small container like me. If you use a bigger one add in a few more capsules.

Easy, huh? I love how simple this is. And it lasts such a Long time.

Don’t worry about measurements. Just adapt to whatever size of jar or container you are going to use for this. Remember that you don’t need anything big, because you will just use 2-3 pumps of this mix, depending on the length of your hair (I use 3 but if you have short hair 1 pump should be enough).

Also, don’t worry too much about the different oils. You can make your own mix at home and try what you already have. Olive oil is also great for hair. And peppermint essential oil instead of rosemary works great too. I use a lot this Oil Trio from Biconi that I was kindly gifted and that I love because there are so many uses to them and perfect to mix and match trying different potions. If you want to try anything from this brand that I absolutely love and 100% recommend, you can use the code ELISA20 at check-out to get 20% off. You can also see other products from Biconi that I love in this post.

Let me know if you try this mask or if you have another recipe that works good for you, I would love to know!

Oh, one more thing.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of buying different oils and making potions, this hair oil is also great for masking!



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