There is a new online shop in town for stylish sustainable fashion and clean beauty products. It’s called ZERRIN. It is the first ethical multi-label online shop in Asia and I’m a declared fan of their amazing curated selection!

Shopping for stylish sustainable fashion is not the easiest thing in the world. Although there are many sustainable brands, taking the time to look for them and do the background check is a luxury that we, busy bees, don’t always have.

The good news is that now ZERRIN does the work  for you.

And for me.

Specially for me ’cause I’ve already spent a small fortune on their beautiful site and after the great shopping experience, it is safe to say that  I am a declared  ZERRIN-addicted.

There are certain things that I love about this new site and that I think makes it stand out from the rest of its kind and I’m going to summarize them here for you:


Zerrin is Turkish for “golden” or “the golden one” and aims to project a bright future for fashion, the retail industry and our planet.The story behind ZERRIN is sweet and simple. It was born with the idea to encourage women to shop meaningfully by offering the possibility of fuzz-free shopping of stylish fashion and clean beauty products that are also affordable and kind to our planet.

The founder of ZERRIN is Susannah Jaffer, a British native based in Singapore who worked as editor and creative director of a famous fashion and lifestyle magazine. She has been exposed to fashion and the craziness of the industry, which inspired her to dig deeper behind the brands’ history and values, make better purchasing choices and ultimately inspire others to do the same by creating an online home for conscious brands.

Because stylish fashion can be sustainable and beauty products that work can be clean and free of nasty chemicals.  ZERRIN brings all this to us under one roof so that we don’t have to surf around the web and go crazy.

And can we just take a moment to appreciate how delightful and aesthetically pleasing the whole branding is?  I think they made a really good job. Most of the sites of this kind look like an overhelming market place…


The selection of fashion and accessories that the ZERRIN team does is for everyone, but have one target client in mind: one that wants to know where their money is spent.

All the clothing and accessory brands at ZERRIN have ethical values and a sustainable production process. I find some of  the jewelry pieces particularly special and delicate. All are hand crafted from responsibly sourced materials and some of them with incredible stories behind. Pieces that you would be proud of wearing.

The beauty brands featured use only clean ingredients in their formula. They are either organic, vegan, cruelty free or all of the above.

I personally bought a beautiful dress, a  face oil and a body moisturizer. I’m so happy with all of it and will be showing you the stuff here soonthat


The site has a great price range. From really affordable pieces to higher-end more expensive products but with a justified price tag.

Skincare, fashion and accessories are priced  between SGD 9 to 149 and SGD 28 to 260 respectively.  Basically anywhere from 7 up to 200 USD. Not bad at all considering the good quality of all the featured products.

You can get an amazing pair of earring for 28 SGD (20 USD) , a beautiful hand made kaftan for 89 SGD  (65 USD) or a natural skin cleanser for 29 SGD (21 USD)

Plus, if you sign up to their Newsletter you get a code for a 10% discount on your first order.


I was so pleasantly surprised with the packaging when I received my order that I feel I have to mention it.

Following their environmentally conscious values, they decided to offer a no-logo box to deliver the products so that you can re-use the box again. You receive a plain white box, when you open it all the products are carefully wrapped in silk paper and secured with a ZERRIN logo sticker. The inside of the box is covered with their signature print in pastel pink. So you are left with a pretty box that you can reuse to make another gift or upcycle it to make something else out of it if you’re feeling crafty.

I know, so simple and yet so genius

They also include a personalized hand written thank you card that completes the shopping experience and leaves a smile on your face…


This is the perfect addition to their site that shows that they really care about what they are selling. Not only do they provide information of each particular piece on their shop, but they also run a blog that digs deeper into the history of the brands and their founders. I feel like all this information is something I personally look for when I shop and they just do all this work for me so that I don’t have to.

Have you ever seen a product you liked online but found very little information about it? Sometimes because of the lack of info on the brand or the materials used I have not bought stuff I liked.

Information is so important to bring confidence to the customer. Knowing where you are putting your money will make it more likely to make that purchase and it is something no brand should overlook.

Here is a small selection of some of the pieces I have my eyes on:

Zerrin stylish sustainable fashion
Picture Credit: Zerrin

The Pyar Signature Heart Necklace in Gold: a beautiful handcrafted piece made out of sterling silver plated with 18-carat gold and an antique oxide combination. I absolutely love the look of this necklace. It is available in Silver  and Rose Gold but my favorite is the yellow gold version. Love its vintage vibe!

Zerrin stylish sustainable fashion
Picture Credit: ZERRIN

The Zhai Shirt Dress in Black looks like the perfect everyday dress.  Made responsibly out of Bamboo fabric, this is a piece that can be worn for work , social gatherings, travels… And easy to wear in between seasons too.

I love how they have styled it with the Twin Within Berlin Necklace, made from upcycled materials such as shipping ropes, rubber tubes and metals. Who knew!

Zerrin stylish sustainable fashion
Picture Credit: ZERRIN

This capsule necklace from Eden + Elie just wows me. The first time I saw it on ZERRIN’s Instagram I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.  It is made in 24 carat gold  and responsibly sourced seed beads  by a team of Singapore based artisans trained by the brand.

Zerrin stylish ethical fashion
Picture Credit: Zerrin

Isn’t this outfit the ultimate girl boss look? I love it! It is a combination of top and pants from Esse, a brand who uses discarded fabrics that would’ve  ended up in the landfill. They also use organic cotton in some of their garments (bonus pointss). And  I also love that stunning statement necklace from Yard Yarn,  handmade in Singapore!

Overall I am extremely excited about this new site and it makes me so happy that there are people genuinely interested in making something extraordinary in the fashion industry, far away from fast fashion and yet easily available.

Well done ZERRIN. Looking forward to see what else you will bring in !


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