When we think about making changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle, the first thing that comes to our mind may not be switching to organic cotton sheets, which is ironic if we take into account the amount of time we spend in our beds.

In actuallity, we spend about  ⅓ of our day in bed, so it makes sense to make the most out of it.

I personally love to sleep.  Rest is super important for our body and for me a good quality mattress and pillows have always been a must.

Now I have discovered organic cotton sheets, and let me tell you, bed time is now “being  in heaven time”. Literally!

In the past year I have witnessed how organic cotton is gaining popularity and it makes me so happy to see how more and more brands jump into the organic cotton bandwagon.

This can only mean that two amazing changes are happening:

  1. Brands are starting to care more about the environment
  2. Environmental awareness is growing among consumers and there is a higher demand for sustainable products that needs to be satisfied.

Yay for both!

organic cotton sheets

Regular Cotton Facts

Cotton is a natural fabric that’s obtained from the cotton ball, a plant that is native from tropical and subtropical regions including Americas, Africa and India. Because of its natural origin, it has amazing benefits: it’s biodegradable, it’s soft, it’s absorbent and it’s breathable.

Different research studies prove that we get better sleep by doing it in cotton sheets rather than synthetic fibers, because cotton is naturally breathable and doesn’t trap heat under the covers. It also means that odours don’t stay  easily on cotton, and it is also a tough fabric that resists the washing machine cycles.

Because of the popularity of cotton, it is a plant that is harvested in massive quantities using huge amounts of harsh pesticides to maximize the production. But these pesticides are toxic and they affect the flora, the fauna and the farmers that take care of the fields.

And it also affect us as consumers.SOJAO organic cotton sheets

Organic Cotton is Better for Everyone

With regular cotton, the chemicals used are often so strong that they remain in the clothes. They are therefore in contact with your skin every time you wear them. This is applicable also to color dyes, which can be quite toxic, for you wearing the clothes and for the people that applied the dye.

“Organic cotton is a great alternative to regular cotton because it is harvested without the use of these harmful pesticides. The quality of the cotton increases and usually more mild dyes or even herbal dyes are applied to the fabric in order to not lose quality. “

It is a win for consumers because we get a much higher quality without risks, and also for the whole supply chain, which doesn’t have to deal with harmful chemicals and toxic dyes.

And if we can take that also to our bed by using organic cotton sheets, that 1/3 of the day is going to feel amazing.SOJAO organic cotton sheets

Elevate your sleep time

I discovered how beautifully soft organic cotton is when I got my first clothing piece made out of this fabric  but I have gone one step further and now I sleep in organic cotton too. And let me tell you, it feels so amazing and luxurious!  

If you know me well you’ll know that one thing  I take very seriously is my sleep.

I think that waking someone up is CRUEL. And I respect other people’s sleep as much as I respect my own. When someone is sleeping in another room I start to weirdly hushing people that start talking!

This is predictable, but I’m not a morning person and I’m not all chatty and joyful when I wake up. On the contrary, better to stay away from me and not give me any conversation until I’ve had my coffee….Or  I might bite you.

But for me there are two types of people: those who enjoy sleeping and those who think sleeping more than necessary  is a waste of time. I will never be able to understand the latter. Ever.

To my sleeping time joy, I found that this organic cotton sheets really make a difference. I have all those Uni years behind me where I slept  in IKEA sheets. And that was okay, but sleeping in high quality organic cotton is a whole new level that I highly recommend.

Thinking about bed time was always like, -oh yes- but now it’s more like -OMG I can’t wait!-

The problem now is that it is even harder to get me out of bed.  I enjoy taking (even) more naps and sometimes I take my computer to bed to work. I didn’t do this before but I do it now  just because those sheets  feel so freaking soft on the skin…organic cotton sheets

SOJAO Organic Cotton Sheets

Last January I came across SOJAO, the first and only organic bedding company in Singapore and Asia and I was so impressed with their transparency and their values. As usual I did my research and I loved what I found about them. They do tick all the boxes:

They care about the environment. Their sheets are GOTS certified organic cotton, which is a key certification to proof what they are claiming.

They care about the people who make their sheets.Regular visits to the factory to make sure the workers are under fair conditions are a reality.

They care about the customer by being completely transparent with their practices. If you take a look at their website you find a whole lot of details.

They care about their clients by offering a luxurious, high quality product at an affordable price. Other brands sell the same quality of sheets for a much higher price.


organic cotton beddingIt’s All in the Details

The first thing I was impressed with was the packaging.  I did an Instagram story when I opened the box cause I was so pleasantly surprised! 

There wasn’t a single piece of plastic in it. The set comes in a branded white carton box that you can reuse for different purposes. I currently have it in a closet for storage.

Each part of the set (fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillow covers) comes perfectly folded in their branded organic cotton case and they are available in 4 different colors: Natural (undyed), White, Navy, and Stone.

It’s honestly hard to choose as they are all equally beautiful. I think that’s why I mixed! 

I chose a mix & match bundle set combining “Stone” and “Natural” and I love the way the look together.The most important thing though is that the quality of the cotton is just supreme. So buttery soft and lightweight, yet thick enough and durable.

Another detail that I love from SOJAO’s organic cotton sheets is that  there are no zips anywhere. This is a personal preference, but I find zips to be so annoying in bed sheets.

Their duvet cover closes with nice wooden buttons and the pillow cases have one side open with a pocket closing to make sure the pillow doesn’t show and it looks pretty.

‘Cause we all want our bed to look pretty, am I right?

After months of using these sheets, I have also noticed that they get softer after every wash, which is amazing. The wash very well and they dry very well in the dryer too (small apartment struggles…).

It is a real treat to sleep in these sheets, they make you want to sleep totally naked so that you get that super soft feeling all over your skin!

If you want to level up in your bedding and try the organic cotton sheets experience while getting peace of mind for the planet, here is a 15% discount that you can use until end of May 2018.


*Disclaimer: I don’t get anything from your purchase. This discount code is for you, lovely reader of Tropikelle,  and for your benefit only*

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