I am obsessed with podcasts. I don’t know how it happened, but I have over 20 different podcasts on my phone that I listen to daily. Depending on the mood I’m having at the moment I’d listen to different topics. I usually listen in the train (hello 30 minute commute to work) or at home with my speaker while I’m cooking or doing house chores.

Lately I have been listening to sustainability podcasts that tackle conscious living and ethical fashion in a very interesting way that have inspired and influenced my opinion on the subject.

I thought of sharing them with you in case you are a podcast addicted like me and want to learn more about these topics.

1. Spirit of 608 by Lorreine Sanders

Lorreine has a lovely voice and shares powerful episodes that talk about fashion, entrepreneurship and sustainability mixed with inspiring interviews and stories that will make you want to move your ass and start spending time in what really makes you happy.

An episode I enjoyed a lot was  number 53, with Shannon Whitehead from Factory 45.  Shannon works with sustainable fashion designers and has a program to show you how to fund your business, how to market it, how to approach buyers and basically how to rock the fashion design world. Of course it is not for free, but you can check her website and follow her on Instagram and see what awesome things she does with the designers.

Other cool interviews are episode 71 with Natalie Smith from Sustainably Chic or number 99 with Orsola de Castro from Fashion Revolution. I could keep going but there are other podcasts that also deserve a mention here!

Spirit of 608 Podcast

2. Conscious Chatter by Kestrel Jenkins

Conscious chatter is 95% about fashion and 5% about conscious lifestyle, including other related topics such as zero waste, green beauty or mindfulness.

This podcast is done in a “chatty” way (get it?), very easy to listen to and entertaining. I really enjoyed the episode with Andrew Morgan from True Cost. If you haven’t seen this documentary please go and watch it now.

No wait

go and watch it after reading this post!

Also enjoyed the episode about Piñatex, a new revolutionary “leather” fabric made out of pineapple leaves that has revolutionized the ethical fashion industry. Very interesting!

Conscious Chatter Podcast

3. The Rich Roll Podcast

I learnt about this one through my friend Cepee from the awesome plant-based food and travel blog Wanderlicious when she recommended it on one of her awesome posts.

Rich Roll has the coolest, sexiest masculine voice ever. The content of his podcast is right up my street. Conscious living, healthy eating, self love, positivism, inspiration and all that good stuff.

And he also follows a plant based diet, so if you are into all of that you will really enjoy this podcast.

What I like about him is how he goes deep into the subjects. When he is interviewing someone his questions are very though out and straight to the point. He is not afraid of bringing out controversial topics and really squeezes the wisdom out of the people he brings into the show.

I recommend to go through his podcast’s feed and listen to anything that appeals to you. You will find something that does, and you will love it.

100% guaranteed.

And he also interviews Andrew Scott from True Cost. Because he is awesome.

The Rich Roll Podcast

Okay you can go at watch True Cost now, it’s on Netflix!

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