and it’s ethically made!

If you read my  last post,  you would’ve seen a sneak peak of the beautiful ethical kaftan dress that I bought at the online shop  ZERRIN .

When I first saw it on the website I thought it was beautiful, but when I received it at home I couldn’t believe the amount of details that it has. Such a special piece! 

The fabric is 100% cotton, block printed and with a beautiful hand embroidery with blue sequins and colorful beads.

It is perfect for a warm holiday or getaway. You can wear it to the beach or the pool but also to lunch or dinner if combined with a nice pair of wedges or sandals. It is roomy, comfy and so chic!

Its one size only so there is no possible error. It adapts to all body shapes and so comfy that you won’t want to take it off. Seriously!

But hey, it’s been long since last time I was in a proper vacation. Luckily in Singapore we have tropical weather all year round and I can wear this piece for many different occasions. Hanging by the pool, run errands (yes, I’ve been to the supermarket like this. Don’t care) or spend a day at the beach. Like last weekend when I went to Sentosa with a friend and we had lunch and relaxed by the sea side, away from the busy city life.

But the best thing about this kaftan is the story behind it.

Let me tell you what I found out: Baliza Ethical Kaftan Dress


The brand behind this beautiful kaftan dress is Baliza. Their designs are inspired in the oceans and easy life of Bali and Ibiza. And who doesn’t like that? Although the brand is based in Singapore, the pieces are made in India by a group of artisans from the  Ladli Vocational Center in Jaipur.  A place that provides work and education to over 300 people.

When the founder of the brand discovered Ladli, she wanted to find a way to contribute to their cause and also make her dream of having a fashion brand come true. They started making beach covers and that evolved into making resort wear.

Baliza makes beautiful designs with a great amount of detail. I have tried to capture them in the pictures so that you can get an idea of the amount of work behind each piece. 

They also use organic cotton and silk on some of their designs that you can see on their website.

Baliza holiday kaftan dress


Baliza creates the designs and pays a fair amount to Ladli for the pieces to be made. This process guarantees that the artisans receive a fair salary to be able to provide for their families and send their kids to school. A huge problem in India today is that the streets are full of kids that don’t have access to education and are forced to beg on the streets, or worse. 

I personally think that it is admirable that a clothing brand wants to contribute to such causes, instead of choosing the easier way that is mass production in a factory in China for a much lower price and with no impact whatsoever, except on the environment.


This  ethical kaftan dress has a production process of 8 weeks, which guarantees that you are buying a unique piece of high quality. And it will also be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Slow fashion at its best! 


Guess what? The founder of the brand is Gema Santander and is… (wait for it) SPAIN! Yay! I found out about this after buying the kaftan and I got so excited. I love supporting ethical small brands but if Spain is in the picture its a bonus!  

There is an interview to Gema done by ZERRIN and that I highly recommend if you are interested on learning more about this brand and its story. She talks about what inspired her to create the brand and how she found out she wanted to take part on the Ladli proyect and contribute to society creating something special that has a positive impact in the people that make them and on the environment.  

I also love the tips she gives at the end of the interview for conscious shopping:

I try to buy locally and seasonally, whatever I’m purchasing. I buy a lot less clothes than I used to, and I think more carefully about each purchase. I also recycle and donate things that I don’t use anymore. Get into the habit of reading your labels, and give a bit of thought into where things are made. Buy products made in natural materials. Try and support small companies and artisans, as well as local business. Choose small boutiques over large retailers.

Baliza Ethical Kaftan DressWHERE TO BUY

You can get this ethical kaftan dress over on Baliza website and also on ZERRIN, where you also get a discount on your first order if you subscribe to their Newsletter!

There are also many other designs in different colors and lengths, they are all so pretty!

What do you think about the story of this brand? Do you know of any others that produce ethically? Let me know in the comments, I always love to discover new good stuff!

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