Today I’m bringing some amazing and unique handmade souvenirs that I got in Hanoi recently. I traveled there for work, but I found some free time the day before flying back to Singapore to do some “handmade in Vietnam” souvenir shopping.

It was my first time in Hanoi before and because it was a work trip I had limited time to shop. So I did a quick search on Google for the best shopping areas and the place to go was immediately clear: the Nha Tho area, located in the Hoan Kiem Lake District.

This area is by the St. Joseph’s Cathedral, built in 1886 during the French colony period. It is beautiful and so worth seeing while you are there! I walked down the Nha Tho street and inmediately loved the atmosphere.

It is a touristic area and the street is filled with cute small shops and cafés.  But it didn’t feel too busy and I found it quite pleasant to walk around. There were two shops that just were too good to be true. Unfortunately I only remember one of them and it was called May.Linen lingerie pouches-handmade souvenir in hanoiThey sell all kinds of stuff made with linen and embroidered by hand. Everything is very high quality and beautifully displayed. I spent a good half hour going through the lingerie pouches, napkins, table sets…

I wanted to take everything to Singapore! But finally made up my mind and got what you see in the pictures, the lingerie bags and the laundry sac. Two of the pouches actually have a waterproof lining inside, which makes them perfect to take to the beach and keep your wet swimsuit while moving around.

The lingerie pouches are so delicate and beautifully made, but they also had shoe and underwear bags for men that looked amazing too. I absolutely love them and I can’t wait to go back there and bring back more handmade souvenirs. The whole store was  beautiful and the staff very friendly. They have their workshop right there where you could see them making the pieces. If you are looking for unique handmade souvenirs this is the place to go!

lingerie pouch with waterproof lining

The other store I liked was in the same street. Although I don’t remember the name, it is very easy to find once you are there, you can’t miss it. The windows will get your attention right away, as they display crafty products that really stand out. I got a basket set with a wooden base that is supposed to be for the remote controls, but I use it to store my makeup brushes. I also got a set of beer mats made out of ceramic with a beautiful illustration painted by hand.handmade souvenir ideas from Vietnam

What do you think? Have you been in the Nha Tho area? Do you know of any other nice places to shop in Hanoi? Let me know in the comments!

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